AI uptake is likely to increase by 79% within small businesses

Source: Techaisle

December 2023
Markel’s insurance data predicts that by the end of 2023, investigations into R&D claims will have risen by a staggering 900% from the levels seen in 2019
August 2023
In August, administrative changes to the way R&D claims are filed came into force: “All claims, regardless of year end date, now need to be filed through a new online form"
July 2023
Draft legislation was unveiled in July 2023 following consultation with industry stakeholders.
April 2023
The first change, concerning the rates of relief available from both schemes, came into force in April. “For SMEs, the rate has been reduced by a third, while the RDEC scheme (for larger businesses) has been increased by 53%"
The process of claiming R&D has been subject to several changes recently; some that took effect from 1st April 2023